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H.E President of the Republic of Angola João Lourenço addressed the appeal to members of civil society, on Friday 29th, gathered under his initiative, at the Talatona Conference Center, in Luanda, to analyze the possibilities of economic recovery, at a time when that the State of Public Calamity, which has been in effect since the 25th of this month, has been observed in place of the State of Emergency, which has affected families and companies with strong restrictive measures in the area of ​​prevention and combat against Covid-19.
“Since the emergence and spread of COVID-19 worldwide, especially during the different periods of the State of Emergency that were in force in the country, I met with the members of the Council of the Republic and listened to the National Assembly, more than once, in order to fix the measures to be taken that we thought were the most appropriate to face the danger that still threatens us ”, he said, in a way of contextualization.
Thus, said the President of the Republic, in the current phase of the fight against COVID-19, I understood to widen the dialogue for civil society, listening to eminent academics, representatives of the private business class, journalists and opinion makers, religious leaders and others, no so much to talk about the present challenges, but above all to draw the lines of the strategy of the economic and social programs in the post COVID-19 to save the economy, the life of the companies, the employment and the life of the citizen.
This framework sets up a series of requirements, among which, the change in the economic structure, which will make it possible to implement programs designed to meet the needs of families and businesses, is evident from the words of the President, who underlined the recessionary environment economic since 2016 that the country lives, mainly due to the strong dependence of the economy on a single export product, oil, which has shown negative growth in recent years.
To face this situation, he said: “We have no choice but to increase national production quickly and effectively. Because only with the increase in national production will we be able to increase employment levels in Angola and thus increase the income of Angolan citizens and families ”.
We must concentrate all our knowledge and experience in accelerating the pace of execution of the program to support national production, import substitution and export promotion, aka PRODESI, pointed out the President of the Republic.
João Lourenço affirmed that it is important to work to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of basic consumer goods. In this particular case, it was very clear: Incentives must be given to business men and women who invest in local production ”.
For these, clarified João Lourenço, all barriers must be removed, giving them priority in accessing credit and foreign exchange, for the import of machinery and raw materials they need.
Oil financed and promoted the emergence of flourishing and thriving economies born on the sands of the desert on the one hand, but on the other hand, that same oil has become a narcotic that has made certain countries fall asleep in the illusion that oil revenues buy everything, goods and services from abroad at cheaper prices, thus stagnating their savings, the President explained.
João Lourenço referred that between the two situations mentioned above, there is only one option to follow, that of private investment in domestic production in a diversified way, privileging all branches of the non-oil economy.
“Only agriculture, fisheries, the manufacturing industry, tourism and others, effectively guarantee food security, sustainable employment and the supply of essential goods to the population”.
In conclusion, the President underlined that the Government encourages all measures underway, in order to make trade serve the industry more, both in the import of raw materials and in the promotion of the export of agricultural and industrial products “made in Angola ”.
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